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Your Local Window Cleaner Using Hot Purified Water

Finding a local window cleaning company that you can always rely on to clean your windows regularly and reliably can be a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Your search is over.

Here at Extreme Clean Cotswolds we are your friendly, neighbourhood window cleaner that takes the most unique approach to window cleaning Tewkesbury has ever seen.

We exclusively use our heated pure water system that is not only proven to loosen up and completely remove grime and dirt, but also give you that sparkling, crystal-clear finish.

More About Hot Purified Water

What is pure water?

The water we use goes through a thorough process of softening, and removal of impurities and minerals (like calcium and magnesium). These minerals and dissolved solids can leave streaks, spotting and stains on your windows. Through reverse osmosis and deionisation, we remove these substances naturally found in regular tap water. 

Tap water in Tewkesbury is rated as having medium hardness while Gloucestershire as a whole has hard to very hard water. Total dissolved solids or TDS is measured at 200 – 300 parts per million. But after softening, reverse osmosis and deionisation, the end product we call pure water has zero parts per million TDS. This ensures that even if the water is left to dry without getting wiped down, no unsightly residue is left behind.

However the water hasn’t yet finished its journey because before it cleans a window the van systems pump the water through a diesel or gas boiler which heats the water to between 30-65 degrees depending on what we are cleaning! 

What are the advantages of hot water cleaning?

1) has greater dissolving power and softens and removes dirt more easily, especially greasy stains on your sills, window frames and glass 2) even ‘baked-on’ dirt is removed more easily thus making first-time cleans much quicker  3) allows water to dry or evaporate faster to give you a streak free finish  4) easier to use during winter 5) is overall time-saving and more efficient

You wouldn’t wash your dishes with cold water would you?

Our Purified and Heated Water Fed System allow us to offer the highest quality window cleaning Tewkesbury has enjoyed to date. Book a clean with us to see the difference!

Your One Stop External Cleaning Service

We are a specialist exterior cleaning company, serving the whole of Tewkesbury. We’re your one stop external cleaning solution – for both residential and commercial clients. We invest in the very best equipment, allowing us to deliver the incredible external cleaning results that your property deserves.

Window Cleaning Cotswolds

Fully Insured & Highly Trusted Window Cleaning Service in Tewkesbury

When it comes to window cleaning Tewkesbury, one name stands out from the rest: Extreme Clean Cotswolds.

We accredited and recognised by respected trade organisations like: Which? Trusted Traders, and TrustMark. Our team are fully trained to provide the high quality, professional window cleaning you are looking for.

We also have more than 500 reviews on and we are verified by Trusted Trades.

And if you need more proof of our legitimacy, you’ll be happy to know that have £5m employers and public liability insurance!

For more information please call us on 01452 452188 or 01242 374127

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By quoting this way we can keep our overheads to a minimum and therefore remain very competitive Our HOT PURIFIED water systems are very expensive to maintain and run so this way we can keep our pricing structure as low as possible.

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